Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Destination :  Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89119
Time: New Year 2011

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" holds true when you see crowd in the city: partying and ready to gamble 24X7.  Our nights were mornings and mornings were night...
Vegas makes you experience its life right from the Airport, So loosen the strings of purse as soon as you land. 

Because of cold weather, gambling addiction  and few days at hand we did not get a chance to explore everything in the city. But were able to capture few best parts...

Fragrance of sweet scented  flowers  
magnificent  grand interiors
Floral arranged Polar bear
Santa Claus 
Christmas theme greeted us at 
The Bellagio Lobby

The brilliant modern look of Aria, tramp rides between casinos, cheaper blackjack table at Luxor, window shopping of best overly priced branded goods were other highlights of the trip.

The Best free show is the 5 minute dancing fountain at the entrance of Bellagio 
The lighted Eiffel tower restaurant behind the dancing waters captivates your eyes and you wish the danicng and music never stops... subtle yet romantic!!!

Last but not the least the best part of Vegas, which hardly gets credit is its mouth watering delicious food. Even the regular Denny's or Taco will not disappoint you. 

Fortunately because of the huge lines at the Buffets, we got to taste the best ever Italian food in our entire life. Do not miss Cafe Vettro in Aria. 

On the whole a nice trip, few close friends, few bites of cheese cake and a great boaster to start the year. 

"Another year, to banish worry, fear and doubts
To laugh, to love, to care and to give"

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walt Disney - Dream fulfilled

The dream cherished for 16 years came true when I landed in Disney world with friends on thanks giving of 2010. The feeling of a long lived dream coming true is  so soothing that all the stress of long drive from DC to Orlando vanished. Reality did not strike even once in this dream land.

I finally got to be kid again without getting any gaping eyes. 

All the rides, walks and crowd mesmerized us.  I was lost in the Disney shop. I wish I  had the power to buy all the stuff I laid my hands on. But 40 minutes in the shop, with my camera was not a bad deal either.  I went enthusiastically naming every character i could recollect and bragged to others of my Disney IQ.

In half day, we could just cover half the Epcot park: Soarin, GM Test Track , Nemo & Friends. Highly recommend Soarin ride for everyone. It was worth the long 2 hours wait. We did to visit few pavilions: China, Egypt,  Mexico but the WOW!!! mind blowing, amazing 30 minutes of the day was the synchronized fireworks & music with story of Earth.

 I wish I can go again.......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall in Mount Magazine - 2753 ft above sea level

Destination : Mount Magazine State Park 16878 Highway 309
South Paris, AR 72855

The wish for break after a long summer came true when I landed on a  weekend get-away in Arkansas. I was in the woods, pleasant weather and midst fall colors or to be more precise pre-fall colors. I could not have asked for more to burst the cycle of day to day mundane routine.
The lodge in Mount Magazine was worth the 6 hours long and curvy drive. The lodge and cabins stand on the cliff offering sunrise and sunset views right form the room balcony. Place is majestic, luxurious, cozy and worth every penny paid. I would recommend this place for people who are not keen on hikes too. One can just laze around the balcony and fireplace from dawn to dusk and still enjoy different snapshots that nature paints at every instant. Our two days were filled with hikes and bikes, nights with laughter, games and food.

 The best hike was just before the sunrise on bear hallow trail. A mile hike in torch light, midst woods leads to sunrise rock. The hike was short but memorable  as it was just four girls in dark and little chilly dawn. The sight of sunrise was breath taking. All the wait and early rise from bed paid off. I felt that sun drenched every leaf and grass in golden light, driving away the darkness. It had been a long time I had seen a rising sun in a valley bounded by the wild.  


After bathing in the first rays of the day we trekked couple of miles more. Someone truly said you need to enjoy fall colors at dawn and dusk. Best times of the day to soothe your eyes and lens. The sunrise rise rock and inspiration point were two best scenic spots on this trail.  

The Cameron Bluff scenic drive is good for biking or even for scenic drive. Drive has few stop overs for a small picnic or to just overlook of the valley.

Other activities: This place also offers hand gliding if you are licensed, horse riding (own a horse), ATV and boating on rentals near the cove lake at the edge of the mountain.

The one quote which kept coming to my mind is "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower" .